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Welcome to J-Sales, a San Diego Electronics Manufacturers Representative for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS systems). Thank you for visiting. If you are looking for a professional sales organization in San Diego, Please contact J-Sales .

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Now a new Marathon Power 1kVA Supercapacitor

Uninterruptable Power Supply


Marathon Power

Single  Phase Uninterruptible  Power Supplies, 400VA to 12000VA,  120V to  240V and  true online Double Conversion or Line Interactive . All of the products are  designed to international standards and assembled in one of the world's  top manufacturing facilities. 

Marathon Power is your 21st century source for premium uninterruptible power. They provide niche market and custom solutions with a focus on the individual needs of their clients.

Expect exemplary service and product quality in the ever-expanding world of power protection.                  MARATHON POWER WEB PAGE


(760) 504-8808
San Diego, CA